self-portrait of the commons

self-portrait of the commons is the construction of a space that might be used as a place of reflection for the spectator: it strives to be a starting point for a reconnection with the environment. 

It aims to erase the anthropocentric division between human-environment, shaping instead harmony and continuity: the individual as part of everything.

The visualization of this space started in a text written as a way of visualizing, imagining, understanding and interiorizing the concept of the commons based off research around the topic.

The place’s aesthetic is kaleidscopic: it presents reflections, aspects, shards of one entity. Throughout the video essay, opacities are emphasized as an illusion of a series of transparencies: a transformation,
a constant movement, a gradient and continuity between every part.

The foundations for the construction of this mental space had their origin in concepts discussed in talks by Winona LaDuke about the Native American cosmovision, as well as spirituality narrated by Alan Watts. Both present a vision of harmony with the universe: a continuity with the environment. One as part of all.

This short was shown in the international exhibition Experimental Film and Video 2022 en el CICA Museum. 

Year: 2020