User interviews

January 2024 saw the launch for the re-design of some sections of User Interviews: Fresh Views (blog) and Awkward Silences (podcast). 

I made a series of textures, representatinves of the investigation methods that this company uses for research: a mixed method. 
This implied developing multi-layered textures. 

One of User Interviews’ requisites was the use of analog materials, to go against the digital look of tech companies.

era el uso de materiales análogos, algo poco visto en las empresas de tecnología. Therefore, the textures are made in gouache, color pencils, oil pastels and watercolor on paper.

Once scanned, the textures were intervened by Olivia Whitworth, who drew on top of them. The final aesthetic reflects the creative direction established by Katryna Balboni and Holly Holden: a collage made of layers that represent the mixed method for research, as well as a combination between analog and digital.

Client: User Interviews | Team: Katryna Balboni - Head of Creative Content & Special Projects User Interviews, Holly Holden - Sr. Visual Designer User Interviews, Olivia Whitworth - Illustrator | Year: 2023

Homepage for Fresh Views, User Interviews’ blog

Textures in use, Data & Reports section

Textures in use, screenshots


Textures in use, thumbnails

Podcast Awkward Silences, User Interviews website

Podcast Awkward Silences, Spotify