Third Space Walk

Printed poster and postcard, as well as digital banner and flyer, for the exhibition Third Space Walk, curated by Mirjana Mitrovic as her PhD project at UdK Berlin

The exhibit’s theme was about flâneuserie in three spaces: Mexico City, Berlin and the virtual space.

The design shows maps of both cities, overlapped. They obtain their physicality through a texture of torn paper. Both a digital and analog photograph were used in the collage, showing aesthetically similar buildings found in Berlin and Mexico City.

The maps, with their “digital green” accents, can easily be associated with chips and other tech aspects.

My team -María Narezo- and I separately presented different concepts. After the client chose one, we each developed proposals in the format of postcards/digital banners. Once a proposal was chosen by Mirjana, we worked on both the digital and printed materials.

For photographs and more info on the exhbit, visit this link. 

Client: Mirjana Mitrovic | Year: 2022 | Team: María Narezo

Initial proposals (Luisa) 

Moodboard (Luisa)

Moodboard (María)