The Noodle Thief

One of the assignments for the course Bootcamp Special: Character Play from Make Art That Sells consisted in illustrating a scene out of the short story The Noodle Thief, by Zoë Tucker

The story is about a restaurant in which the last bowl of ramen of the night disappears after the lights mysteriously go out for some seconds. 

Depicted in this scene (seconds before said disappeareance) are Lenny the Lemur -chef and owner- and Julius, the customer who orders the bowl of ramen.

The illustration is in DIN-A4; gouache, watercolor, ink and color pencils on paper.

In the lesson taught afterwards by Riley Wilkinson, the assignment was to design
a board game with the same structure as Snakes and Ladders, with the characters and story by Zoë Tucker. 

Course: Character Play | Teachers: Zoë Tucker, Riley Wilkinson, Lilla Rogers | Year: 2023

Book cover | Mockup


Pitch for the game