Lotus flowers grow after the weekend

Series of paintings in which I’m currently working, about the importance of moments of leisure and pause in order to achieve reflection, introspection and growth.

A swamp is defined as a natural water deposit; it is a sunken terrain in which waters get stagnant, the ground is muddy and there is abundant flora. 

I started the sketches for this body of work due to a frustration about a lack of regular employment/economic income: an ambivalence between feeling stagnant -swimming with all my strength without being able to move- and, at the same time, feeling right in a transitional moment to re-align myself.

A swamp usually has negative connotations due to the fact that it contains stagnant water that doesn’t flow. However, it is a beautiful body of water: a point of convergence and coexistence of endemic plants, foreign plants, old plants, newly planted plants. It creates a network, a community, a node, a meeting point.

The title alludes to the growth of lotus flowers: they grow from the depths of a swamp, from the mud. 
It also alludes to the fruitful nature of leisure moments: represented in the title in the form of the weekend.

Year: 2024

In process