Favorite Things 

Series of four illustrations depicting favorite things, taken from an Instagram illustration challenge by the profile They Draw and Cook, with Courtney Cerruti.

1. Favorite thing from home: for this topic I painted a scene with brownies, something I’ve baked with my mom since I can remember.

2. Favorite thing from childhood: here I depicted a crystal rock I found when I was about 11 years old. 

3. Favorite present: for this concept, I made an illustration of a bar of chocolate that a friend gave to me for my birthday when we were in junior high. 

4. Favorite thing from a travel: for this closing topic, I made a scene of a breakfast I had at a bakery in San Francisco. 

All the illustrations are watercolor and gouache on paper in 22,9 x 30,5 cm.

1. Brownies sobre la mesa (Brownies on the table)

2. Roca encontrada (Found rock)

3. Barra de chocolate de cumpleaños (Birthday chocolate bar)

4. Desayuno en La Boulangerie de Hayes (Breakfast at La Boulangerie de Hayes)