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Since January 2023, I have been working with Fondo Mexicano para la Conservación de la Naturaleza within the Communications team (Ulises Vera, Paulina Cerna and Paola Pérez). 

My activities have included the following:

- illustration 

- banner design

- schedule design

- flux diagram design 

- project collateral update and maintenance 

- icon design

- photo edition

- infographic design

- PowerPoint template design (e.g. diploma, deck for workshop)

- design for social media

FMCN | Year: 2023 | Communications team: Ulises Vera, Paulina Cerna, Paola Pérez

Character illustration for schedule and banner of yearly planning workshop 

Invitation design for conference

Infographic re-design for project Sierra y Mar

Illustration and design for open/editable document for cybersecurity awareness