Ed’s Heinz Ad

This project takes the existing audio from Ed’s Heinz Ad to make an illustrated version of it.

The first step was to write the script and storyboard; the latter one was then made as an animatic to verify every scene's duration and match with the audio.

The color palette consists of neutral tones and a bright red hue, with the aim to contrast Heinz Ketchup against a neutral, dull background. There are some exceptions: the paintings in scene 5 and the food have a wider color range. However, they keep to the same saturation and brightness levels as the palette's neutrals. Heinz red, in addition to being present in the scenes that feature the product's bottle, can only be found in key moments associated with the ketchup:

- The inaugural ribbon in scene 9, as a foreshadowing of the main character's experience at the restaurant (both the food and experience are elevated due to Heinz Ketchup)

- Scene 12 features tomatoes, the main ingredient

- Scene 20 shows Ed's red shirtsleeve; the moment in which he takes the Heinz bottle out of his backpack to enhance his experience at the restaurant

- The text scenes that articulate the character's thoughts and reactions towards his environment

Course: Universidad Iberoamericana, Producción de Imágenes III | Year: 2020

Storyboard pages

Style moodboard