Earth Day 2024

Animation made for TATA Mosaicos with the aim to celebrate Earth Day (April 22nd). The main focus is the company’s appreciation for the soil and the measures it takes in order to keep a low impact on its environment. 

The initial storyboard was provided by the client. Starting from there, the first step was the sketching phase for each frame. Afterwards, the brand’s identity colors were recreated on watercolor, which was the chosen technique for the animation. 

The illustrations show defined brush marks; these were done using a small amount of water* in order to amplify the information mentioned in the animation, and one of the crucial steps in TATA’s process.  

The final deliverables were a complete video with all the data, and three short animations that have the aim to generate interest through the brand’s ethos and aesthetic. 

* For all of my watercolor- and gouache-based projects I extend the water for as long as possible, and reutilize it for projects that use the same or a similar palette.

    Client: Tata Mosaicos | Year: 2024

Illustrations done in watercolor on paper

Color palette

Complete animation 

Short animation | Mosaics 

The short animation that shows the group of mosaics forming and, an instant later, un-grouping, reflects on TATA’s circular, cradle-to-cradle process in its production. 

Short animation | Elements 

This next animation shows us the main ingredients in the mosaics: soil, water and sun. In this short version, we don’t see the data shown in the complete version. 

Short animation | City 

Finally, in the short animation that depicts a city, TATA Mosaicos’ focus on appreciating and valuing the earth is the main subject.