Diseño en femenino

One of the projects that I worked on with Estudio María Marín de Buen was Diseño en femenino, an exhibition curated by Ana Elena Mallet and Pilar Obeso at Museo Franz Mayer. 

I worked on concept development, color palette and sketches for collaterals. 

The message to be communicated was both timelessness and current trends in Mexican design by women; prehispanic and contemporary, without emphasizing either one more than the other. To visualize this, abstract figures are in use: a mix between pixels and pyramids. The typeface Ancho, designed by Beatriz Lozano, represents this and was therefore chosen for the logo and titles.

For the color palette there were strict limitations due to cultural associations: violet -associated with the feminist movement- was out of the question in order to not emphasize this aspect more than other elements; we also stayed away from pinks -hue traditionally associated with the feminine- and blues -their opposite-. Neon, flashy colors would have given the identity a contemporary, digital feel, while more subdued tones were going to make the design feel old-fashioned. The principal color is a deep aubergine purple, with accents in red, orange and blue. 

Client: Ana Elena Mallet & Pilar Obeso, Museo Franz Mayer | Year: 2022 | Studio: Estudio María Marín de Buen | Team: Andrea Pereira, Sofía Legarreta